The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts


This documentary has been notoriously slow to move to the public but, it’s finally here and I couldn’t be more happy to have watched it.

My fears for this documentary about Jake Roberts was that it would play out like a feature length commercial for DDP Yoga. I was happy to see that was not the case. There is a fair bit in the film about the fast growing Yoga program but it’s not an in your face consistent.

I’ve been a big fan of Diamond Dallas page since 1997 when my fandom of the Utah Jazz and Karl Malone got pushed to limit when he started showing up on World Championship Wrestling (WCW) with DDP. I secretly began watching and became a diehard wrestling fan. While I no longer pay attention to Pro Wrestling as a pastime I absolutely have fond memories of the wrestlers that I watched back in the day. In recent years a spotlight has been on the pro wrestling community due to many of it’s stars or practitioners passing away at an early age. This is why me along with millions of other wrestling fans were so interested when news came out that Dallas page had brought Jake, and later Scott Hall into his home, Later dubbed the “Accountability crib.”  What they created to me, is nothing short of inspirational.

Jake the snake has been the subject of other projects shining light on his troubles: “Beyond the Mat” a late 90’s documentary that was really the first project to show what wrestlers do to their bodies and how some of them struggle with life after they are no longer in front of 50 thousand screaming fans. The other was and award winning inde film called “The Wrestler” starting Mickey Rourke. The character Mickey was playing is based on Jake’s story.

I don’t expect most people to be as interested in the cast of characters as I am but you don’t need to be. The film is raw and emotional. It’s amazing to see the turn around that happens in the lives and families of Jake and Scott. It’s unrated but I would consider it rated R due to language and some footage of inebriated wrestlers.