The Invitation


The Invitation is one of those movies that the less you know going in the better. But there is one thing you should know:  Stay till the end! I had read reviews telling me the surprise was effective and although I was looking for it, it still managed to shock and unsettle me.

The premise feels a lot like a contrivance – Will attends a dinner party with his new girlfriend in the home of his ex-wife Eden and her new boyfriend. Also in attendance are many of their old circle of friends. Through flashbacks we learn a little about their shared tragic past. The evening unfolds with increasing unease and devolves into a pretty serviceable psychological thriller. It’s just as the viewer begins to relax at the end of the movie that the full scope of the events are revealed. It kept me thinking and uneasy for days.

The narrative isn’t always strong and some of the characters are mere shadows. The pacing is sometimes frustrating but ultimately, I found the payoff here worthwhile.


Not rated but would carry an R for some strong language, violence and brief nudity.