The Dark Knight



I’ll never forget opening night in 2005 for Batman Begins. I went to the Midnight premiere with a Skurj and a couple of my friends. There were MAYBE 15 other people in the theater that night. It played in one theater…..

The release of The Dark Knight was a very different story. Our little town had recently got a new 12 screen theater with stadium seating, and in 2008, I stood in line outside with hundreds of other people waiting to get into 12 theaters to see this movie. I remember leaning to Skurj and asking him: “Where were all these people 3 years ago when Begins came out?” Due to some clever marketing and the recent passing of star Heath Ledger, this film had become the source of major buzz. That night, in 2008 I along with all those other people who waited with me were blown away by The Dark Night and now 8 years later, watching it on my couch, it’s just as amazing.

Nolan is back to work as a master storyteller. Carefully planting seeds that grow, sprout, and bloom well into the climax of this film. Bale is back as the Bat and does a masterful job of playing a more seasoned Bruce Wayne/Batman. He plays it more comfortable and confident. He also gets a new Bat suit…The best in any movie to date. They had the idea to use motorcycle tech to create the Batman’s cowl instead of connecting it to his neck and cape like it’s always been done. The result is Bale has full range of motion to turn his head in any direction.

Much is consistently said about Ledger’s shocking turn as The Joker here….I feel that so much was made out of it that after the T-shirts, toys, hats, cell phone cases…..all that muddied the waters as to how truly great this performance is. I have one brother specifically that believes anyone could have played this part but I don’t buy into that…….This Joker was a joint venture of Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger…They both had a hand in design, attitude, costuming, and motives….or lack thereof. Heath Ledger was perfect for this role and I can’t say enough good about his performance and Nolan’s decision to go outside the box to bring him into this comic book world.

Like Begins I could go on and on about this film. There’s not a whole lot I don’t like….Lots of things had to go right for the Jokers “plan” to work out the way it did but I suppose, that’s kind of the whole point of it all isn’t it? After all? Does he look like a guy with a plan?