Hacksaw Ridge


From the moment Andrew Garfield appears on screen any ideas of him as the awkward Peter Parker quickly melts away.  His portrayal is effective and honest and the chemistry and romantic story with the uniquely beautiful Teresa Palmer is believable.  The first half of the film builds the necessary character in an entertaining way with the last half of the movie containing the majority of the war and action sequences.  The action sequences are incredible and feel really ground breaking although exactly why its hard to put  my finger on.  The best way to describe it is “kinetic”.  Everything is in motion, but it all fits together somehow.  Its gritty, horrible, graphic, realistic yet somehow beautiful to watch.  The real draw for me was the story of the actual man Desmond Doss, the portrayal of this faithful, humble brave and honest men is one of the most inspirational true stories I have ever seen.  Often when we watch or hear of stories of heroic or brave actions we think to ourselves perhaps I would have done that, or could have.  I think if most people are honest with themselves (including myself) they will admit they could not have done what Desmond Doss did.  Very few people have the courage or faith to do it.  I watched this on Veterans day , applause erupted as the credits rolled however I was unable to participate as I was too busy wiping away pesky dust that has gotten into my eyes.