Bond is Back in what is considered by many to be a definitive entry into the franchise. Gone is any threat from SPECTRE. Instead, Bond takes on another super villain – this time in the form of the greedy Auric Goldfinger. Rather than plot for global domination, Goldfinger would be satisfied instead to destabilize the world’s economy by breaking into Fort Knox. How do you break into Fort Knox you ask? Why, with nerve gas and a huge laser of course. (duh)

Bond wears a lush wardrobe of beautiful suits in this movie. There are a couple of good bits of action, but the strength to this movie is the verbal sparring and back and forth between Bond and Goldfinger. More than either of the previous 2 entries, this film has a sense of urgency.

Bond’s primary female counterpart in this film is the blush inducing Pussy Galore who faces off against Bond in a test of Judo skills before succumbing to his charms. Ultimately, I think he’s more smitten with her than she with him.

A solid entry with good direction and set design. Fewer silly one line barbs from Bond and a truly despicable villain. I remember as a kid, the scene comes on where Bond finds a woman painted gold in his bed. I asked Dad if getting painted gold will kill you and he confirmed that the woman was dead. I found the notion of killing with gold paint disquieting and the scene still has a little of that power for me when I watch it.

There are some great 60’s sets in this film and some interesting 60’s exterior shots capturing some interesting Americana. It’s fun to see that stuff.

Connery looks great in the great suits and tuxes he wears in this one. Even when Goldfinger captures him, the suit he gives Bond to wear is stellar. Maybe the costumers were making up for the pool side cover up they make him wear at the begging of the movie – that think looks like something Don Knotts would have worn on Three’s Company. Terrible.