From Russia with Love


Bond and Connery return for their second outing in the 007 franchise – From Russia with Love. This adventure finds Bond intentionally stepping into a trap in order to secure a Russian decoding device, only to fall for his Russian counterpart Tatiana. Like Bond, she has been manipulated by agents of SPECTRE – their endgame is to get the decoder for themselves so they can achieve global domination (cue diabolical laughter).

This entry is notable in that we see some of the inner workings of the SPECTRE organization – an entity hinted at by Dr. No. While the first film worked pretty well as a who – dunnitt, From Russia with Love comes across as a pretty competent spy thriller. We get a few more gadgets this time around, a pretty exciting boat chase and a scene with Bond being chased by a helicopter (reminiscent of Hitchcock’s superior North by Northwest). The fights are more exciting than in Dr. No and this is all around a better movie than the first.

I almost couldn’t place Robert Shaw (Jaws) as a SPECTRE assassin – big and so, so blonde.