Bone Tomahawk


I admit a certain attraction to Western genre mixes.  I enjoyed Western/SciFi “Cowboys and Aliens”, disliked the Western/Horror “Dead Birds” and appreciated the effort of the Western/Zombie film “Exit Humanity”.  So it was with great interest I found a new entry starring Kurt Russell, with a plot best described as “Comanche Moon” mixed with “The Hills Have Eyes”.

This film very much reminds me of a Larry McMurtrey novel; incredibly rich characters, smart dialogue and intense brutality. The acting and dialogue are impeccable and enjoyed the entire cast.  A couple of things to keep in mind; its very much a slow burn, but not boring.  The cast and dialogue kept me entertained at every turn and would be worth watching over again if I wasn’t so shy of the violence. I instinctively nearly averted my eyes a couple of times and found myself a little scarred as I contemplated the film the next day with a shiver up my spine at the memory.  Make no mistake this has some of the most gruesome imagery I have seen on film.

The creature effects are the greatest weakness of the film, they show the low budget and are just not very original.  If you are curious its a great ride, just don’t say I didn’t warn you!