Batman Begins



In 2005 we saw the release of Batman Begins, helmed by a then pretty unknown director, Christopher Nolan. He had done some dark thrillers such as Memento and Insomnia certainly nothing that would make you think of him for a superhero flick.

Of all superhero franchises the Dark Knight series has the best cast ever assembled. The truth is the cast of Marvels cinematic universe, the current hottest thing, look like a bunch of reality TV stars compared to what was in the Dark Knight trilogy. That sort of debate is left for nerd websites………..which you’re on!

The storytelling here is worlds better than the previous Batman films. Even the better half….10 minutes into the running time I knew that this world was finally getting treated with the respect that it deserved. This is by far the most emotional “comic” film you’ll ever see…’s heartbreaking to see the change in young Bruce’s life. For the first time we get glimpses of his life before the crime that made him commit to a life of nightly torture. These flashes of him with his father are filmed beautifully and scored even better by a combination of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. The music in this one is intense! Very good stuff!

I spoke a little earlier about the cast….Christian Bale is the best Batman we’ve ever seen (Batfleck has yet to be seen) A lot was made about the way Bale would gruff up his voice. With a few exceptions where they should have done another few takes, I personally loved his Batman voice and thought it worked perfect especially in this scene


I could go on and on about this movie…..From the cinematography to opting for practical effects over CGI shots it’s a very well made and entertaining film. I’m open to a new interpretation but watching this again made me realize just how right they got a lot of the atmosphere and essence of the character. This is not just a great comic book movie, it’s a great movie period.