American Sniper


Great film with a good insight into “The deadliest sniper in American History.” Film is based on the book by Chris Kyle but i found interesting is that Kyle himself was very involved in this film before he was murdered.

Lots of good performances in the film including Bradley Cooper who, I usually have a hard time watching. I gave it a lower grade on directing/technical not because I think the direction was poor in fact, quite the opposite. I marked it a little lower because I felt like the story embellished in areas that were not necessary.  A bit like Skurj and his stance on the Mel Gibson Film “The Patriot.” I feel like the TRUE story was good enough that you didn’t need to add material that was embellished or shined up for Hollywood. Maybe I should have chose to mark the Plot down to a lower grade but ultimately I felt like the plot is solid, but it was a bad technical decision to change the story up.

I’ve read a lot of movie reviews in my day and I feel like they would sum up the way I felt about this movie with one word: GRIPPING!